Kingdom Ridge Capital’s Nick Caputo: Simple Ways to Become a Better Cook

Kingdom Ridge Capital’s Nick Caputo enjoys cooking during his free time. Being in the kitchen relaxes him, and when he can create a unique dish for himself and his family, it is even better. When it comes to being a great chef, lots of work and practice are required, as with anything else in life. Those, however, who simply want to improve their cooking overnight, can still try a couple of things.

Get Better Equipment

Getting better equipment is one of the easiest ways of becoming a better cook. Ovens, woks, pots, a new cutting board or better knives can make a difference. Veteran chefs know and understand their tools, and can overcome severe equipment limitations on occasions, but a hobby chef does not have the experience, nor the ability to do the same.


Work on Your Organizational Skills

Create a workspace that is ideal in every aspect. It should be well lit, close to most equipment, and have enough space for you to put down your cutting board and arrange your main ingredients around it. If you have space limitations in your apartment, try to use some creative logistics.

Buy Better Ingredients

The outcome of your cooking endeavors is largely influenced by the quality of your ingredients. No cook can create great dishes from low quality ingredients, regardless of how skilled they are. Try to find promotions that allow you to get top-notch food items for a reduced price.

Kingdom Ridge Capital’s Nick Caputo likes to cook as frequently as possible.

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Kingdom Ridge Capital’s Nick Caputo: Why Golf Is Good for You

Nick Caputo of Kingdom Ridge Capital likes to play golf whenever he has the time. The sport is played by many for recreational reasons, but having fun is not the only upside of it.

A Surprisingly Potent Cardiovascular Exercise

While golf will likely not elevate your heart rate into the triple digits, it is still a shockingly effective cardiovascular exercise. A study found that those who carry their own bags – which is generally true for most amateur players – burned excess of 700 calories over nine holes, which is remarkable, considering that one hour of bicycling burns only 200 to 400 calories. Those who play golf regularly, and for hours on end, can easily burn plenty of calories.

Social Benefits

Another important benefit of golf is socialization. Unless driving ranges are considered, it is very rare when someone plays the sport alone. Golf is played in groups, which makes socialization rather easy for those who wish to participate. This is important because those who regularly engage with others are usually healthier and have better mental health. High quality social interactions can improve an individual’s life to a great degree.

Better Night’s Sleep

The physiology behind this phenomenon is not fully known, but spending time in nature usually results in better sleep. It might be a combination of the physical activity with the mental relaxation that is so easy to find in nature. At any rate, the phenomenon is well documented.

Nick Caputo of Kingdom Ridge Capital enjoys playing golf on a regular basis.

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Kingdom Ridge Capital’s Nick Caputo: The Tuscan Wine

As a huge enthusiast of fine wines and traveling in general, there is no surprise that Kingdom Ridge Capital Nick Caputo  enjoys Tuscany and the Bari region.

A Special Climate for the Right Terrain

Tuscany has a warm Mediterranean climate that provides a perfect environment for wine production. The most prevalent grape species in the region is the Sangiovese red, the main ingredient of many renowned wines. The beaming sunlight – combined with the right kind of soil – is what makes the difference in the end, and the Tuscan wines are some of the finest of their kind.

High Standards

Another important aspect is the high wine making standard that is prevalent throughout the region. The local winemakers have a strong reputation in Tuscany and worldwide, which makes their wines all the more popular. Some of the region’s best wines have DOC or DOCG status, which guarantees that the vintage meets some extremely high standards and is among the best wines of the region.

Esteemed History

Tuscan wines have a long and esteemed history of quality and excellence, which goes back more than 1000 years. Local winemakers have been perfecting their methods for many centuries, elevating the Tuscan wine to a position of prestige.

Quality Above All

When it comes to Tuscan wines, the “quality above quantity” rule is certainly in play. Tuscany is not the biggest wine producing region in the world, but the quality of the wines that come out of it makes it one of the most popular.

Nick Caputo of Kingdom Ridge Capital enjoys wine tasting as a hobby, and Tuscan wines are some of his favorite vintages.

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Kingdom Ridge Capital Insider Trading Analysts Always Busy Inside Earnings Season

Kingdom Ridge Capital is focused on fundamental trading, so the Kingdom Ridge analyst team – Jim Jungjohann, Andy Cobb, Nick Caputo, Mark Zepf, Brian Thonn and Chris Zepf – spend a great deal of time sorting through the data points that emerge when a company announces results.  Fortunately, (or unfortunately depending on how you look at it), many technology companies tend to announce earnings at roughly the same time.  Kingdom Ridge, and many other investment insiders, call this time “earnings season”.  Earnings season starts roughly two weeks after the end of a quarter and tends to last 2-3 weeks.

For companies whose fiscal years are in step with the calendar quarters, this means most earnings announcements occur during the last two weeks of January, April, July and October. Generally speaking, companies release their earnings press releases at a time when there is little to no trading – either before the markets open or after they have closed – so that sell side and buy side analysts can digest the information before deciding how to value the stock after the data release.  During this time, you can be sure that Kingdom Ridge analysts are busy sorting through the data and updating their proprietary models to identify who the next winners and losers in the technology sector may be.

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Kingdom Ridge Capital is a Long/Short Hedge Fund, Not a Trading Shop for Insiders

Kingdom Ridge Capital is what professional investors would call a long/short hedge fund.  At a high level, those who are not an asset management industry insider may think hedge funds are all about trading.  To be fair, there have historically been firms that have acted as “trading” shops.  However, there are hedge funds that also consider a long-time horizon.  Kingdom Ridge tends to invest over the medium to long term but at times also engages in short-term trading.

Besides being confused about hedge funds overall, people often wonder what a long/short hedge fund like Kingdom Ridge actually is. In simple terms “long/short” is an investment insider’s shorthand term that describes an investment strategy where an investor a) tries to earn a return by owning (also known as being “long”) securities while also b) attempting to make money by selling borrowed shares of stock and then replacing those borrowed shares at a later time with stock that were purchased at a lower price (a practice that is called “shorting”).  In theory, a firm like Kingdom Ridge Capital executing such a strategy “hedges” an investor’s risk as it allows them to make money in markets that are rising and falling.  In a market that is moving strongly higher, an investor may be trading off the higher returns that could be found in a long-only fund, but over the long run the short book should pay dividends in a declining market.  Because of the level of risk associated with shorting stocks, funds like Kingdom

Ridge Capital may only invest money that is raised from qualified investors such as endowments, foundations and pensions.

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Kingdom Ridge Capital Insider Trading: How the Right Policies Can Help You Avoid Front Running and Insider Trading

At Kingdom Ridge Capital, they put policies in place to avoid not just insider trading but also front running. For example, each employee must get approval to buy or sell securities in their personal account.  This allows Kingdom Ridge’s Chief Compliance Officer to compare the trading request to the firm’s restricted list.  If the requested transaction is a security sale, it allows the CCO to determine if the trade would occur inside the restricted trading window.  It also enables Kingdom Ridge executives to determine if the requested trading would run counter to the interests of the firm and its investors. As the Chief Compliance Officer of the hedge fund, it is Mike Manley’s responsibility to preserve a system where he has the ability to veto employee trades.

Kingdom Ridge Capital runs a tight ship in terms of trading policies – whether that be for personal trading or insider trading.  This control system allows the firm to be successful while eliminating the possibility of any trading activity that is illegal and/or runs counter to the fiduciary responsibility of the fund.

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Kingdom Ridge Capital Insider Trading – Investing Area

Kingdom Ridge Capital is a White Plains, New York-based hedge fund, and an SEC-Registered investment advisor. Since commencing operations in the spring of 2008, they have focused on public equities in the technology sector.

An investment advisor is, by definition, a person or company that gives advice or recommendations about securities and securities markets for compensation, and is in the business of giving advice about securities. Just because a firm meets this definition, however, it is not required to register with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or with other securities regulators. A firm may be excluded if, for example, if these services are “solely incidental” to its main business.

Generally speaking, only those firms that assets of twenty-five million dollars are more are able to register with the SEC. Firms or individuals with fewer assets can register under state law with state securities authorities. The U.S. Investment Advisers Act of 1940, which regulates investment advisors, was amended in 1996, and again in 2010, to distribute regulatory responsibility between the SEC and states.

Kingdom Ridge Capital was founded by Christopher F. Zepf and co-founder Brian D. Thonn. Chris Zepf is the Managing Principal and Portfolio Manager. Brian Thonn is also a Principal, serves as its Director of Research, and also covers certain enterprise hardware stocks. The third member of the Kingdom Ridge Executive Team is Mike Manley, who is the Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, and the Chief Compliance Officer.