Kingdom Ridge Capital – Working in White Plains

Kingdom Ridge Capital is a notable investment advisor that chose to establish its headquarters in White Plains, New York. This is a very interesting location, and it was chosen for some specific reasons. As a start, consider the quality of life equation. Every company is only going to be as strong as its workforce. In the investment management business, talent is particularly important.

People who have many different options are going to consider the quality of life that they will experience before they accept a position with a company. Employers must present a compelling case for their location, and Kingdom Ridge Capital is in a position to do so. White Plains is an extraordinary place to live on multiple different levels. When it comes to size, many people would say that it is ideal. With a population of over 50,000, it has all of the amenities that you need, but it is not overwhelmingly huge. In 2014, a study that was conducted by a respected real estate brokerage named White Plains as one of the top tenplaces to live in New York. In fact, it came in at number three.

The city of White Plains has a lot to offer in and of itself, but the appeal of the location does not stop there. Since it is only a 35-minute express train ride to Grand Central Station it provides excellent rail access to Manhattan.  The founders of Kingdom Ridge Capital did their research, and they positioned themselves wisely.



Author: kingdomridgecapital

Kingdom Ridge Capital is a company that is dependent upon a great deal of fundamental research, and the nature of this research is inherently challenging. Any bottom-up investment fund will rely upon understanding what is happening in the real world and reducing it to the numbers that drive their financial models.