Kingdom Ridge Capital – An Excellent Working Environment for Employees

Kingdom Ridge Capital’s principals made a very conscious decision to have a culture that people would embrace. Bottom-up fundamental research in the fast moving technology sector is very demanding work. Kingdom Ridge wanted to show that they cared about their employees and did what they could to make their lives easier.

First, the company has provided above average base salaries, which helps attract young, talented, and motivated employees who will stay with the company for some time. It also makes it easier for analysts to get a mortgage. The company also offers a comfortable working climate with casual office attire, and free lunches for employees. Kingdom Ridge Capital respects family time and concerns, so employees are allowed early departures/late arrivals to be present for family events. The company has also enabled and promoted telecommuting to allow employees to work from home when necessary.

Analyst sat Kingdom Ridge are encouraged to think deeply on meaningful work instead of constantly worrying about daily stock price fluctuations. Low value busy work is minimized so that employees can focus on what is most important overall for the company. A bonus system rewardsteam-oriented behaviors

After over eight years with these practices in place, Kingdom Ridge Capital has lost only one analyst. Kingdom Ridge has successfully used culture as a competitive advantage for retaining valuable talent in the hedge fund world.



Author: kingdomridgecapital

Kingdom Ridge Capital is a company that is dependent upon a great deal of fundamental research, and the nature of this research is inherently challenging. Any bottom-up investment fund will rely upon understanding what is happening in the real world and reducing it to the numbers that drive their financial models.