Kingdom Ridge Capital’s Nick Caputo: The Tuscan Wine

As a huge enthusiast of fine wines and traveling in general, there is no surprise that Kingdom Ridge Capital Nick Caputo  enjoys Tuscany and the Bari region.

A Special Climate for the Right Terrain

Tuscany has a warm Mediterranean climate that provides a perfect environment for wine production. The most prevalent grape species in the region is the Sangiovese red, the main ingredient of many renowned wines. The beaming sunlight – combined with the right kind of soil – is what makes the difference in the end, and the Tuscan wines are some of the finest of their kind.

High Standards

Another important aspect is the high wine making standard that is prevalent throughout the region. The local winemakers have a strong reputation in Tuscany and worldwide, which makes their wines all the more popular. Some of the region’s best wines have DOC or DOCG status, which guarantees that the vintage meets some extremely high standards and is among the best wines of the region.

Esteemed History

Tuscan wines have a long and esteemed history of quality and excellence, which goes back more than 1000 years. Local winemakers have been perfecting their methods for many centuries, elevating the Tuscan wine to a position of prestige.

Quality Above All

When it comes to Tuscan wines, the “quality above quantity” rule is certainly in play. Tuscany is not the biggest wine producing region in the world, but the quality of the wines that come out of it makes it one of the most popular.

Nick Caputo of Kingdom Ridge Capital enjoys wine tasting as a hobby, and Tuscan wines are some of his favorite vintages.

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