Kingdom Ridge Capital’s Nick Caputo: Why Golf Is Good for You

Nick Caputo of Kingdom Ridge Capital likes to play golf whenever he has the time. The sport is played by many for recreational reasons, but having fun is not the only upside of it.

A Surprisingly Potent Cardiovascular Exercise

While golf will likely not elevate your heart rate into the triple digits, it is still a shockingly effective cardiovascular exercise. A study found that those who carry their own bags – which is generally true for most amateur players – burned excess of 700 calories over nine holes, which is remarkable, considering that one hour of bicycling burns only 200 to 400 calories. Those who play golf regularly, and for hours on end, can easily burn plenty of calories.

Social Benefits

Another important benefit of golf is socialization. Unless driving ranges are considered, it is very rare when someone plays the sport alone. Golf is played in groups, which makes socialization rather easy for those who wish to participate. This is important because those who regularly engage with others are usually healthier and have better mental health. High quality social interactions can improve an individual’s life to a great degree.

Better Night’s Sleep

The physiology behind this phenomenon is not fully known, but spending time in nature usually results in better sleep. It might be a combination of the physical activity with the mental relaxation that is so easy to find in nature. At any rate, the phenomenon is well documented.

Nick Caputo of Kingdom Ridge Capital enjoys playing golf on a regular basis.

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