Kingdom Ridge Capital’s Nick Caputo: Simple Ways to Become a Better Cook

Kingdom Ridge Capital’s Nick Caputo enjoys cooking during his free time. Being in the kitchen relaxes him, and when he can create a unique dish for himself and his family, it is even better. When it comes to being a great chef, lots of work and practice are required, as with anything else in life. Those, however, who simply want to improve their cooking overnight, can still try a couple of things.

Get Better Equipment

Getting better equipment is one of the easiest ways of becoming a better cook. Ovens, woks, pots, a new cutting board or better knives can make a difference. Veteran chefs know and understand their tools, and can overcome severe equipment limitations on occasions, but a hobby chef does not have the experience, nor the ability to do the same.


Work on Your Organizational Skills

Create a workspace that is ideal in every aspect. It should be well lit, close to most equipment, and have enough space for you to put down your cutting board and arrange your main ingredients around it. If you have space limitations in your apartment, try to use some creative logistics.

Buy Better Ingredients

The outcome of your cooking endeavors is largely influenced by the quality of your ingredients. No cook can create great dishes from low quality ingredients, regardless of how skilled they are. Try to find promotions that allow you to get top-notch food items for a reduced price.

Kingdom Ridge Capital’s Nick Caputo likes to cook as frequently as possible.

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